Mike Perry Reveals Fan Paid $10K To Talk To Him

Mike Perry is setting up a new way to make money for himself and get a chance to better interact with his fans.

Many fighters around the combat sports try to make extra bucks besides appearing in the ring. Some coach and some have launched their own merchandise, thus making hefty money from this.

But Perry and his girlfriend set up a side business where they will be interacting with their fans on a live video chat and charging them according to the time spent.

Perry is setting up 1-on-1 calls with fans via Cameo and will be charging $50 for two minutes of chatting. Fans will be able to snap a picture at the end of the call as well.

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Many other fighters haven’t lauded this idea, but Perry explains that he is trying to bond with his fans in this peculiar way.

“You can say what you want but I’m trying to give people the chance to connect with me, the ones who will pay aren’t the jerks that comment,” he wrote. “You guys are the weirdos. Someone recently gave me 10k to talk to me so the only broke ones are the haters lol. I’d pay to talk to.”

Perry hasn’t enjoyed a good run of form in the octagon recently.

He has lost four of his last five fights and has found himself out of the Top 15 ranks.

His actions out of the ring are also not helping as he has landed himself in trouble with the law several times over the past few years.

With his mediocre performances, many fans believe that Perry’s time with the UFC will soon end.

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