Mike Perry Talks Next Opponent, Names Nate Diaz, Jake Paul, And Jorge Masvidal

Mike Perry has been cleaning up over at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, but it sounds like he is not opposed to strapping on a pair of gloves for the right opponent.

This past weekend, Perry added a fourth victory to his undefeated BKFC record by defeating former Bellator and UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez in just four minutes. Through this victory, Perry earned BKFC’s inaugural ‘King of Violence’ title, and he is already looking ahead to who he will prove himself against next.

Following this most recent victory, Perry mentioned Jorge Masvidal and Anthony Pettis as possible next opponents for him. He also went on to mention Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, but he does not feel overly confident that either would be willing to fight bare knuckle.

“I want to fight bare-knuckle, I love it. I do love it. At the same time, I’m still interested to maybe put a boxing glove on and Nate boxed Jake and it didn’t go his way. So a fight with me, definitely makes sense. I would love to fight a Nathan Diaz but I think I win that.

“The Masvidal fight is intriguing because he can hurt me bad, I think. That’s what gets me up in the morning. That’s what makes me work.”

-Mike Perry via The MMA Hour

Perry certainly seems open to a standard rules boxing match if the right opportunity presents itself. But he made it quite clear during this interview that he would be much more interested in a popular opponent stepping up to fight him in bare knuckle.

That being said, the damage he has inflicted on his most recent opponents in the ring is not exactly encouraging for an individual to schedule a bare knuckle fight with Perry, just ask Alvarez’s orbital bone, or Luke Rockhold’s teeth.

“These guys are afraid to do no gloves,” Perry said. “They really are afraid. I’m like come test yourself. It’s good to be afraid. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I want to be afraid when I’m about to fight because it’s going to make me do even better. Be a man. My first act as king is men got to stand up. Grow some balls.

“I’m the guy. I’m the money fight. It’s because of BKFC. It’s because the show they put on. It’s because the promotion they’re doing. They’re killing it with me. We’re killing it together but if the biggest fight out there is a fight that needs to get made with gloves on, of course I would do it. That would be a play date.”

-Mike Perry via The MMA Hour

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