Mike Tyson and Daniel Puder Join Forces To Open A First Of Its Kind School

Mike Tyson has joined former MMA fighter Daniel Puder to open Tyson’s ‘Transformational Technologies Academy’ in Arizona. 

Reports indicate this is an extension of Puder’s already established prep school, aiming to provide a ‘holistic educational experience by focusing on essential life skills.’ The school will teach life skills beyond a conventional education, such as ‘financial literacy and resume building.’ Tyson and Puder spoke to TMZ exclusively, telling them the following:

“We’re gonna educate the world, baby,” Tyson

“We work with life skills. We teach kids real life with financial literacy, resume building, all the things they need. We want to attract kids to a school where they want to learn, so he’s the biggest brand in the world. Who doesn’t want to go to Mike Tyson’s academy. We have transformed hundreds and thousands of lives around the country,” Puder

Four schools have been set up within Florida and West Virginia, but there are plans to extend this further. Tyson is well aware of those educational issues, having filed for bankruptcy. Despite being worth over a reported $300 million, he filed for bankruptcy in 2003. The boxer addressed those problems, saying he was lucky to make it out alive. 

“I didn’t think I’d make it through my thirties. My thirties were scary, weren’t they?” the 50-year-old former boxer said to nervous laughter from the audience. I plan on keeping it this time. We made it out of our hellhole. I just knew it was time to grow up. It was time to be a man. Time to be present in your children’s lives,” Mike Tyson stated

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