Mike Tyson Compares Isaac Cruz To Himself

Mike Tyson is known for being one of the most formidable boxers of all time.

Tyson had a remarkable knockout rate with 50 wins, which included 44 by way of knockout.

And in the process of doing so, Mike became one of the sport’s most successful heavyweights: undisputed champion in 1987.

A unanimous-decision win over Tony Tucker capped off a remarkable career that has made Tyson one of the most talked-about boxers ever.

Comparisons with Tyson have been made with other fighters, such as Deontay Wilder.

While the latter is known for having destructive knockout power, as shown by his 42 KOs in 46 fights, in reality the fighting style could not be any different.

Wilder’s reliance on his right hand and tall physique was in contrast to Tyson, who became a fierce fighter on the inside with his venomous body punches.

But one boxer who has drawn praise and comparisons to Tyson has been none other than Isaac Cruz.

The lightweight impressed against Gervonta Davis in 2021, as he managed to last the distance with one of the sport’s KO specialists.

And his come-forward style drew comparisons from none other than ‘Iron Mike’ himself.


“I don’t know if anyone is close to me today. If I had to say someone is closest to me, I would say Isaac Cruz. He’s short and stubby for his weight class, like I was, and he comes at you. People might think I would say Tank, but Tank reminds me a whole lot of Aaron ‘The Hawk’ Pryor. I mean that as a big compliment. You would think Tank is a brawler, but he really is a boxer-puncher. He moves well. He moves his head well. He can beat you all kinds of ways. He can knock you out. Or he can box you. Cruz reminds me the most of who I was. He comes at you with bad intentions. And he keeps coming at you. He gave Tank his toughest fight,” Tyson

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