Mike Tyson Emotional About Not Able To Control His Violence

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is regarded as one of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen. The boxing legend won his first 19 fights by knockout before becoming the youngest heavyweight champion at the age of 20, when he beat Trevor Berbick in 1986.

The Iron always had a reputation of being barbaric and violent, which made him one of the most intimidating boxers of all time. He was known for the physical and mental pressure he put on his opponents and had them beaten before the first bell was rung. Unfortunately for the American, it appears that once his greatest strength has become his greatest weakness.

“I am so scared that I am so violent and I can’t control my violence. I’m scared,” Tyson on the latest episode of his Hotboxin podcast. Once called the “The Baddest Man on the Planet”, the 57-year-old revealed his natural instinct in life “Does that make any sense to you? Me, Mike Tyson and I’m so scared of everything. All I know how to do is attack, I feel that way. They could never believe that I hate myself,”.

Tyson’s therapist has added to his issues while confronting the media. “You could pay him [Tyson] a compliment and he would want to kill you for it. It’s too painful sometimes to feel that intimacy, to feel that love, to feel that care. He just wants to be left alone.”

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