Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield Gives Advice To Deontay Wilder Ahead Of October 9 Title Match Vs. Tyson Fury

The Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder trilogy fight is just days away, and a pair of former undisputed heavyweight champions weighed in on the upcoming action.

Mike Tyson said he thinks Wilder should “go all out” in the first half of the WBC world heavyweight title fight against Fury on Saturday, October 9. Meanwhile, Evander Holyfield said he would prefer if Wilder took his time and stick to a game plan that fits his fighting style.

“I like Wilder but is he going in there to win or is he going in there for a big pay day? They should go all out for five or six rounds. If you catch him, you catch him. Go all out, win or lose,” Tyson said.

Saturday will be the third time Fury and Wilder step into the ring together. Wilder (42-1, 41 KOs) held the WBC heavyweight title from 2015 to 2020 before losing it to Fury (30-0, 21 KOs) in February 2020 via TKO.

Their first contest ended in a draw.

Fury has said that Wilder’s one hit wonder is dangerous. As of April 2020, Wilder had a staggering 95.3 knockout percentage.

Earlier this year, Wilder hired Malik Scott to train him for the fight.

Holyfield previously told Fighthype that he hopes he doesn’t make too many adjustments to his fighting style.

“Boxing is a reaction sport. If you and me were boxing, you might not be comfortable, but I’m comfortable about how far I can get to for me to make you do something that I can counter a shot,” he said. “The thing is with Deontay he started boxing at a late age. A lot of times when somebody starts boxing at a late age, they get one good style and that’s it.

“A lot of them don’t know how to make a lot of adjustments, so I don’t know if this is him [Wilder] or not. He’s one of my favorite fighters. Stick to what you’re really good at and implement it slowly, and maybe he can and maybe not,” he added.

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