Mike Tyson Joins Peso Pluma At 2023 Billboard Music Awards Performance

Mike Tyson made an appearance at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards alongside the Mexican singer Peso Pluma.

The latter happened to be one of the performers at the show, as Tyson joined him on stage. The former undisputed heavyweight champion can be seen in the clip below inside a boxing ring alongside the singer, who is performing the song Rubicon. Tyson is wearing a robe that says the words the ‘best ever’ on it. 

The night was a success as Peso Pluma picked up the ‘Top Latin Song’ award for his song, ‘Ella Baila Sola.’ And once the dust had settled down somewhat, Tyson presented the award as both men exchanged some words of praise. 

“Give it up to the people’s champion, Peso Pluma,” Tyson

“Thank you everyone. Thanks, Mr. Tyson, for being here. Thank you to all the fans, thank you for all the love and the support. And I’d like to thank the Billboard Awards for having me here. Thank you very much,” Pluma


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