Mike Tyson Offered $1.1 Million For A Rematch With Peter McNeeley

An opponent some considered to be a sacrificial lamb for Mike Tyson in the past is interested in settling the score.

Tyson (50-6, 2NC) has been offered $1.1 million to face off against Peter McNeeley. Boston Boxing Promotions is looking to set up the fight between the 53-year-old Tyson and the 51-year-old McNeeley (47-7).

“Mike Tyson, do you want me to try to wrap you in a cocoon of horror again?” McNeeley asked to Boxing Scene.

A former world heavyweight champion, Tyson announced his intentions to return to action for the first time since 2005. This challenge is a throwback to an interesting time in his life. Tyson returned to the ring in 1995 after being away since 1991 following an arrest and conviction. McNeeley, who was 36-1 at the time of the fight, was on a twelve-fight win streak.

Considered a major underdog, McNeeley was excited about the matchup. Unfortunately for him, it only lasted 89 seconds. After an intense staredown, McNeeley tried to end the fight right away. Tyson, however, landed a right that dropped him to the floor in the first ten seconds. Later in the first round, McNeely would be caught by an uppercut. His manager entered the ring to try and stop the fight, which was never a good thing. Tyson ended up winning via DQ.

The fight grossed $96 million with $63 million PPV buys. Over 16,000 fans saw the fight from the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Speaking to Sports Illustrated on the fifteenth anniversary of the fight, McNeeley spoke about criticism that the fight ended too early.

“People who have never had a boxing glove on, they say he stopped it too soon,” McNeeley stated. “Look at the video. You can see my eyes are completely dilated like I possibly had a concussion. The lights are on but nobody’s home. I was knocked out but I was still on my feet.

McNeeley would end up going 11-5 after that but fought way too much. He stated in the interview he had burnout, having being forced to retire in 2001. Hard times hit him but he has since been able to recover.

The two were able to connect, especially after Tyson bit the ear of Holyfield in 1997. If Tyson accepts the fight, a portion would go to charity. He has been offered $1 million to fight active boxers and over $20 million to fight for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

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