Mike Tyson Plane Punch Victim’s Controversial History

In one of the most notable viral clips of last week, Mike Tyson was seen throwing punches at a passenger, who reportedly tried to harass him.

The representatives of Tyson believe that their client’s actions were more of a reaction to what the passenger was doing in the initial part.

Melvin Townsend, the passenger and alleged victim of the plane saga, has had problems with law previously. According to the report, Townsend’s previous charges include theft, fraud, burglary and the possession of controlled objects.

In 2018, the 36-year-old Townsend stole a trailer that he hitched to his pickup. Townsend’s history also involves a 20-month and a 15-month jail sentence.

One witness believes that the former American boxer had already taken a photograph with Townsend before the passenger tried to talk to him continuously before things got out of hand.

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