Mike Tyson Shows Off Pigeon Collection To Nico Ali Walsh, Shared First Fight Experience

Mike Tyson revealed how he got into his first fight… while Nico Ali Walsh visited him to see his pigeon collection.

In a video on social media, the former heavyweight champion is seen showing Walsh – Muhammad Ali’s grandson – how to hold the bird. In the background, dozens of Tyson’s other pigeons can be seen.

Tyson reportedly owns over 1,000 birds. In an interview with Tony Robbins, he said his love with pigeons started when he was growing up in Brooklyn, New York.

“I’ve always had pigeons my whole life, since I was eight, nine years old. That’s just what we do in Brooklyn, we fly pigeons. I don’t know why, but that’s just what we do,” he said.

As for his first fight, another kid ripped off the bird’s head, threw the blood on Tyson and smacked him around, he added.

“So my friend said ‘Mike, fight him. Don’t be afraid, fight him.’ … I just fought, it’s not like I was sensational. I was just flailing away, and I guess I hit him more than he hit me, so I won I guess.”

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