Mikey Garcia Gives Insight Into Why Crawford Was Stripped Of Title

Terence Crawford was stripped because he had no plans on facing Jaron Ennis.

That is according to Mikey Garcia. Following Crawford’s win over Errol Spence Jr. to become the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era, Bud had numerous fighters wanting to face him. Spence was the primary candidate given that he had exercised his rematch clause. Meanwhile, Ennis waited in the wings by virtue of the fact that he was the IBF mandatory. But since the IBF requires new champions to defend their belt against their mandatory in their first defense, Crawford’s rematch with Spence was counter to that as he was stripped. After all, Bud had made it clear that he was targeting the biggest fights. And a bout with Jermell Charlo and Canelo Alvarez would have been more lucrative at the expense of Ennis.

“When they ask, and they’re demanding Terence defend his title against Ennis, and Terence has other plans, you can’t force Terence to fight. If he has other plans or maybe moving up in weight or whatever, then that’s how they elevate a fighter to a full world champion. That’s not the same as having a world champion wanting to fight you, and you just don’t fight him. He will have to defend his title or vacate, and I guess they [IBF] decided to strip him [Crawford]. That’s how that goes,” Garcia

Nevertheless, the fact that Crawford had been contractually bound did not sit well with everyone. Oscar De La Hoya was vocal about how the ruling was unfair on the fighter since the decision of the rematch was out of his control.

“What a pathetic decision from the IBF. Terence Crawford is the Ring Magazine champion and recognized as the “MAN” Bunch of BULLS. The only ratings that matter. Ring Magazine no corruption, no politics and no bulls,” De La Hoya



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