Mikey Garcia Looks To Stay At Welterweight

While he suffered a loss on Saturday, Mikey Garcia looks to persist at welterweight and gain a fifth world title in as many weight divisions.

“I think I’m going to achieve [a fifth divisional title], I’m going to be a champion in that division [welterweight]. I’m resting and in a week or two I’m going to plan my future. something more comfortable,” Garcia told ESPN Deportes following his unanimous decision loss to Errol Spence on Saturday night in Dallas.

“But I know that I can fight at welterweight with other champions, not all of them are as good and strong as Errol Spence, sometimes you have to choose the most suitable opponent. As I wanted a challenge, I went for the biggest, but I will look for challenges in other divisions to see something more comfortable.”

“I do not know yet [if I will go down to 135 or 140 pounds],” Garcia continued. “I’ll see the available options, I can do 135. I’ll say that at 145 I did not feel that the weight was too much where I can’t get down to 135, but getting into the ring at 152 or 154 was a big difference for me to be agile and fast.

“I would love the fight with Lomachenko, it’s an attractive fight, it has been cooking for a couple of years and mentioned a lot, it would be a perfect fight for me. At 140 the champions are in the tournament (World Boxing Super Series) that is ongoing. I do not know who will come out as a star and if an interesting name comes out we can fight him.”

Initial Report: ESPN Deportes

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