Miller Faces Four Years In Jail After Arrest

Former UFC and Strikeforce star Jason “Mayhem” Miller faces a potential four-year prison sentence after his latest arrest, this week.

Miller was arrested on Friday per online records, and his currently in police custody without bail in Orange County, California,

The fighter would plead not guilty at an arraignment on Tuesday, after being accused of entering a woman’s home on Friday and causing damage to a marble table, punching holes in and removing doors to the home, and derailing a garage door.

Miller will be held until a bail hearing on October 31st and is charged with a felony due to the property damage exceeding $400.

What adds to the situation is Miller’s current probation for a guilty plea of corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant in November 2017. In exchange for a guilty plea, Miller is currently under three years of probation, with a suspended four-year prison sentence, with credit for 62 days served.

Miller was released to a rehab facility, with stipulations that he’d have to not only stay sober, but not violate his probation, if violated he would have to serve the remainder of his state prison sentence.

That added to a felony vandalism charge, assault with a weapon on a peace officer, resisting arrest, and false imprisonment and battery charges in April of last year, from an incident in 2015.

“Jason is a great guy and I love him like a brother,” Miller’s lawyer Cameron Talley told City News Service on Tuesday. “It is incredibly sad to see these continued police contacts, but I have faith he can straighten out his life.”

Miller last competed in 2016 for the Italian promotion Venator, and was cut from the UFC in 2012, with victories over the likes of Robbie Lawler, Tim Kennedy and Kazushi Sakuraba.


Report: MMA Fighting

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