Miller Talks What’s Next

Three months ago, Jarrell Miller was looking to make Madison Square Garden his kingdom, on Friday night, the former world title challenger made it the first stop in his redemption tour.

Miller, who was pulled from a June 1st fight with then unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua inside MSG, made his return to the venue’s Hulu Theater, to watch Devin Haney’s stoppage win over Zaur Abdullaev.

In the process, Miller spoke to Eddie Hearn, who acted as a co-promoter for Miller prior and leading up to the now-canceled Joshua fight.

“I’m a man…  I’ve always respected what you do, even when you bashed me on camera,” Miller said to Hearn in the presence of and other reporters during a post-fight press conference. “But I still got love for you. I think you’re a great businessman but uh…do you still want to promote me?”

“We’ll talk, we’ll talk,” noted Hearn, who has been a key player in the development of DAZN’s growth in the boxing space.

“I’m a human being. Life happens, just do better,” Miller noted of the multiple PEDs he tested positive for last spring. “Be a better person, taking the wrong information that didn’t need to be taken, going in the wrong direction. It happens in life. Sometimes we make decisions that cost us money, cost us opportunity.”

“The main thing is being better, understanding and learning from your mistakes. I’m not going to sit here and bash Eddie. We’re all human beings. We all mistakes. On to bigger and better things. We don’t know if ESPN is the move, we’re in negotiations right now but let’s see.”

With a six-month backdated suspension by the WBA expiring this week, Miller is starting the process to plead his case and re-apply for a boxing license inside the United States.

If Miller is allowed to box again, the heavyweight has been reported to be in talks with ESPN and Top Rank, but Miller does not rule out a DAZN reunion.

“I still love DAZN, they treat me very well,” insists Miller. “Eddie treated me very well up until that point. It’s business, but sometimes relationships do cause you to think back and wonder what works best.”

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