Miller To Get $6.5 Million For AJ Fight

Negotiations with Anthony Joshua aren’t easy, as Jarrell Miller attested to on Tuesday.

Following a caustic press conference promoting their unified world heavyweight title fight at Madison Square Garden, Miller spoke on the process that got him from unlikely challenger to main eventing on June 1st.

“What I’ve learned about AJ is he’s greedy when it comes to money,” Miller said about negotiating his rumored $6.5 million pay day. “And he could put [on] this nice-guy attitude and sell you a bulls**t story, but he’s a p***k. And I’m gonna explain to you the reason why, and this is one reason why he’s a p***k. So, his initial offer to fight Dillian Whyte was about $3 million. Dillian Whyte said he wanted $6 [million]. He said, ‘No. He don’t deserve that. Blah, blah, blah.’ So, he says, ‘You know what? I’ll go to $5 [million].’ Dillian Whyte said, ‘I’ll take $5 [million].’ They came [back] at $3.5 [million], pushed a little more and they got $4 [million]. Dillian Whyte said they’ll accept the $4 million. But [Whyte said], ‘When I become heavyweight champ or I knock you out or beat you, the split goes 60-40 my way.’

“AJ says, ‘No. On the rematch, even if I lose, it’s still 60-40 for me.’ So how am I the champ and you’re gonna take initially more money than me if I beat you? That’s not how it goes, right? When I become the champ, I take the lion’s shares. That’s how it goes. So Dillian Whyte was mad at the whole situation and felt like he was getting punked, and I don’t blame the guy. I, 100-percent, ride with Dillian Whyte on that thing. If I become the champ, and I work for my position, like you have, I hold the cards and I get to pick where I wanna fight, I should be getting more percentage from the fight, picking the undercard. When AJ fights, he initially picks the undercard, who’s on the undercard and pay-per-view sales and the whole nine.”

And while Joshua was stuck in negotiations with Whyte, Miller was being touted by executives of DAZN, who have the rights to Joshua’s fights in the United STates.

“So anyway, I wanted more money than Dillian Whyte was getting,” Miller said. “DAZN felt like it was a fight that needed to happen, so they came up with the rest of the money, on top of what AJ was offering. So I got basically close to what I wanted. Plus, I got [a percentage of revenue from] pay-per-view buys in the UK, over a certain amount. And the rematch is gonna be substantially a lot better, a lot bigger.

“But I had to still give up more than I wanted to because AJ doesn’t have that confidence in himself. He always feels like he can lose at any point, which is understandable. So, he’s trying to negotiate his next fight after that, if he loses, in a rematch. So that’s the kind of mentality, the type of person he is.”

Initial Report: Boxing Scene

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