Mir Ready For Return Against Ayala

Frank Mir’s first foray inside the Bellator cage came just under five months ago, when he would take a loss to Fedor Emelianenko in the first round of the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix.

After months of matchmaking issues, Mir is able to make his return this December against Javy Ayala at Bellator’s debut in Hawaii, which almost ruined his anniversary plans.

“We actually had a vacation booked,” Mir said of his 15th wedding anniversary on December 10th. “So when I got the phone call to fight on the 14th, I haven’t fought since April, I’m not going to say no, I’ve been waiting to get a fight. So I had to give her the bad news that, you know, we’re going to have to postpone the celebrations. And then a couple of days later, when I found out that it was in Hawaii, I actually made the joke, ‘Hey, it worked out. We’re going to go to Hawaii for our anniversary.’”

“(Ayala) throws things from far away that a lot of guys shouldn’t be able to land, and he’s able to because of his athleticism,” Mir said of his December 14th opponent. “I heard he was a wrestler, but, watching the fight, it seems like his wrestling is probably one of the weaker areas. So I don’t think it’s going to be a surprise to anybody that we’ll have to exploit that as much as possible.”

Initial Report: MMA Junkie

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