Mitakeumi Holds Lead, But Gets First Loss

Sekiwake Mitakeumi took his first loss of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament on Thursday, as he was defeated by ozeki Takayasu.

Mitakeumi had a hold of the ozeki’s belt and nearly pushed him out of the ring, but a shove from Takayasu knocked both men off balance and down. After the officials conferred, they declared Takayasu the winner of the bout.

Takayasu is guaranteed to keep his ozeki status and have a winning record as a result of his win. But despite Mitakeumi losing, the sekiwake still maintains sole possession of the tournament standings lead.

In other action, ozeki Goeido improved to 9-3 with a win over No. 6 maegashira Endo. Endo attempted to trip up the charging Goeido, but the ozeki proved to be too much with his rush.

Tochiozan, Yutakayama and Asanoyama — all rank-and-files — are also still alive with 9-3 records after Thursday. Yutakayama beat Hokutofuji, but Tochiozan lost to Myogiryu and Asanoyama fell to the Brazilian Kaisei.

Sekiwake Ichinojo kept his chance at a winning record alive with a win over Kagayaki. Tamawashi defeated Chiyonokuni, and Shohozan scored a victory over Abi.

Original Story: The Japan Times

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