MMA Community Reacts To UFC’s Split With USADA – ‘About To Start Seeing Some Super Athletes’

So far, October has felt like a constant stream of drama within the UFC, and the latest headline surrounding a statement released by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has only added to an already busy month.

In the statement released by Travis Tygart, USADA’s CEO, it was announced that Conor McGregor is now once again a part of the testing pool, a prerequisite for him to return to active competition in the UFC. Additionally, the statement outlined that the partnership between the UFC and USADA will not continue past the start of 2024, resulting in whether McGregor will need to remain in the testing pool for at least 6-months prior to competing completely unknown.

Tygart also went on to put a certain amount of blame on the UFC, believing that they are hindering the progress that the partnership made with regard to the safety of the sport.

“We are disappointed for UFC athletes, who are independent contractors who rely on our independent, gold-standard global program to protect their rights to a clean, safe, and fair Octagon. The UFC’s move imperils the immense progress made within the sport under USADA’s leadership.”

-USADA CEO Travis Tygart

Dana White fired back by saying that it was a ‘scumbag’ move to publicly drag the UFC’s name through the dirt while leaking the information regarding the end of their deal.

Of course, White’s displeasure with the way USADA handled certain logistics in the past is public knowledge, so the split between the two organizations feels like it has been brewing for quite some time.

“It wasn’t an announcement. It was a dirty move by [USADA],” White remarked. “There was no announcement [on Oct 11], that was straight up ‘scumbagism’, what happened yesterday.

“That will all be addressed today, not by me but by [Jeff] Novitzky and our lawyer Hunter Campbell. The you-know-what is about to hit the fan on that one.”

-Dana White

While the information surfacing has garnered mixed results, and a number of jokes, it will be interesting to see how the next year of competition in the UFC plays out.



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