MMA Fighters Detain Thief After Alleged Car Break-In

Combat sports not only encompasses showcasing your skills in a professional competition but is also a means of a self-defense.

And that’s what a group of MMA fighters located in Perth, Australia showed when they caught a thief who was accused of stealing valuables from a car outside the fighters’ gym.

According to Today, an accused thief tried to run off with the belongings of one of the gym members after he allegedly broke into the car parked outside the training facility. The suspect then was using the victim’s debit card at a nearby shopping centre when the fighter got an alert on his phone.

The crew was quick to jump into the action and were able to locate the subject in less than 20 minutes.

“It was very unfortunate for him and bad timing,” Romel Luistro, one of the fighters, told Today.

“He was having a great day until we showed up – he had all his shopping on him, he had flip flops when he left the gym, but when we stopped him, he had brand new shoes he had just bought.”

The fighters then turned into the suspect with further court rulings yet to be announced.

Luistro says that MMA has been an integral part of the group’s lives and with the skill sets they possess, they were able to detain the man without hurting him.

“This is our sport, we enjoy it, and it has its benefits for real life as well,” he said. “In a situation like this it came in really handy without hurting him.”

Many professional MMA fighters have gotten into incidents where their fighting prowess enabled them to deal with these situations efficiently.

UFC welterweight Kevin Holland was able to detain two men in two different instances. UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis also stopped a man from stealing his car.

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