MMA Referee Shoves Fighter, Faces Potential Lifetime Ban

MMA referee Jon Munz could face a lifetime ban after shoving middleweight Robert Gidron during his fight with Chauncey Foxworth.

The fight occurred on January 20 during an RDC 10 event, and things escalated in the second round. As Foxworth attempted a takedown, Gidron appeared to have illegally held the cage. Munz intervened and stopped the fight. Gidron and Munz exchanged some harsh words. The fighter pushed the referee, who responded in kind. Gidron then threw a punch as security intervened.

The fight was restarted and a new referee was put in place. Foxworth won the fight via unanimous decision. The Arkansas State Athletic Commission (ASAC) disqualified Munz. His license has been suspended with a hearing set for March 5, where he could receive a lifetime ban. Gidron aims to overturn the result to a no-contest.


“As I pushed him off, he came right back and said, ‘Hey, I’ll throw your a** out of here. I’m the ref. You don’t put your f***ing hands on me. That’s when I said, ‘You don’t put your forearm in my throat. You don’t do that.’ That’s when he pushed me. After that, it just went crazy. They went in there.

“I don’t know if they thought I was going to go at him or what that was. Any fighter that goes through that, it just throws you off. It throws you completely off your game plan. It throws you completely off everything. I don’t believe no one should lose their job. At the end of the day, we’re all in this for the fun. If you’re not having fun with this, you’re in the wrong sport,” Gidron

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