Veteran MMA Fighter Jake Shields Applauds Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Fitness

Former MMA star Jake Shields praised Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s physicality during a recent training session.

Kennedy Jr. may end up being the next US President as he navigates himself for a potential 2024 run. While that may be the case, it appears that he keeps himself in top condition outside of politics.

He publicly praised Elon Musk for potentially fighting Mark Zuckerberg in a cage fight.

And now, during a recent Twitter post, Kennedy Jr. shared himself exercising as he did some press-ups.

That post was well received, as Shields later shared a snap of the pair in good spirits after a workout session.

And in doing so, he backed Kennedy Jr. to beat Donald Trump in any presidential run.

After all, Shields was spotted acting as a ‘spot’ on the bench press as Kennedy Jr. pumped some iron, showing his full support for the presidential hopeful. 

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