Moraes: I’ve Lost My Respect for Aldo

Entering and during their UFC 245 bout, Marlon Moraes had all the respect in the world for Jose Aldo. While the legendary former featherweight champion’s move down to 135 was an unrecommended one by many in the MMA community, he held his own against Moraes, though Moraes got the split-decision victory.

But Moraes says Aldo’s actions in the aftermath of the event has left him removing all support of his fellow Brazilian fighter.

“Right now, I have no respect for this guy,” Moraes said. “Zero respect, not for him, not for his team, for how they are acting. At the fight, Aldo took the microphone, he says I want to congratulate you, no big drama. But he goes home and he sees what [bantamweight champion] Henry [Cejudo] says and he changes literally from 0 to 100. From blue to red. Like ‘I won the fight, Marlon was scared, I see his face.’

“I was not scared. I’ve got 30 fights. I’ve been fighting every day. I’m not going to be scared. Of course, I’m fighting Aldo, I got a little nervous. Everybody gets a little nervous, but once you get in there, it’s just another body in there…he acts like he accepted [the loss], he talked with me right there, and he goes home and he does an interview and talks all this [expletive]. [Expletive] this guy.”

Aldo later stated he felt he won the fight, and even UFC President Dana White claimed he felt Aldo should have been victorious. Champion Henry Cejudo, in fact, has been personally focusing his call-outs on Aldo.

But Moraes continues to be more and more confused by giving Aldo, who has now lost two straight, a title shot before him.

“The more you watch, the less you think he won,” Moraes said. “I think one of the main reasons people thought he won: No. 1, because it’s Jose Aldo; No. 2, he was walking [forward] like he wanted to do something; [and] No. 3, it’s about the crowd. I’m fighting Aldo, I’m fighting smart and people are booing me.

“I watched it four or five times, and I know more than I won. I’m fine. I beat this guy and won. Like I said before, it was going to be hard to beat him on the score because I’m fighting Jose Aldo, I’ve got to finish him. I could not finish him, but I definitely think I won.”

Original Story: MMA Fighting

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