Morales Shocked His Rival Is Still Fighting

In 2005 Erik Morales beat Manny Pacquiao, leading to a three fight series that saw the Filipino senator take revenge with two knockouts in 2006, one coming in the third round.

It has been seven years since Morales last walked in the ring against Danny Garcia, and the 42-year-old fighter has no idea how his rival is still fighting.

“I’m definitely surprised, yeah, that he’s fighting at this age, and due to the fact that all the wars he’s had,” Morales said through a translator at a panel that featured Marco Antonio Barrera, Winky Wright and current WBC welterweight champion Shawn Porter.


“So, it’s very interesting that he’s still fighting. But then again, I’m not surprised because mentally, physically, he’s still training and still maintaining that all throughout his career, his great training regimen. So, by that I’m not surprised. But I am surprised by the time and the wars that he’s had that he’s still active.”

“It’s gonna be a complicated fight, no doubt about it,” Morales said of Pacquiao’s  fight against Keith Thurman on July 20th.

“But knowing Pacquiao, starting in the second round, that’s when he’s gonna be starting to charge. So, it’s either gonna be decision Pacquiao, or maybe late, a knockout by Pacquiao.”

Quotes: Boxing Scene

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