Muhammad Ali NFT Digital Collectibles To Release August 10

A renowned photographer who personally knew boxing legend Muhammad Ali will be bringing some of his rarest moments to life.

On Tuesday, August 10, photographer Christina Jansen will team up with Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) and unveil a new line of Ali NFT Digital Collectibles — the Muhammad Ali Series 1 digital collection. The collection includes 136 digital collectibles, showcasing the personality of Ali.

It will be available on Tuesday on WAX blockchain.

Jansen and Ali met in 1986 during a commercial shoot at Fulham Studios.

“Photographing Muhammad Ali was one of the most inspiring jobs I have ever had,” Jansen told Asia One.

“Over a period of two weeks on and off the set I witnessed how he treated everyone who approached him the same. It didn’t matter to Ali where you came from or what you did. I felt so blessed to have the chance to talk to him and get to know this great man like a close friend. Ali told me his Philosophy in life – If you reach for the moon you might end up next door, but if you reach for the stars you will get to the moon. He encouraged me and others to reach for their goals and not be afraid to take risks in life,” she added.

Photo: Asia One

Ali, born Cassius Clay Jr., is one of the most renowned names in boxing. He finished his career with 56 wins and five losses with 37 knockouts. In 1999, the Associated Pressed voted his as the No. 1 heavyweight of the 20th century.

COO for dMerch, Adam Bouktila, said Jansen’s photos can show the close connection between her and Ali and, thanks to NFT technology, the images can be shared worldwide.

“This collection is amazing for the close connection between Ali and his photographer,” he said. “These are not paparazzi shots taken at random. These are beautifully crafted images taken over a two-week period where subject and artist forged a close and powerful connection. The connection makes the images come alive.”

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