Muhammad Ali Stuns Oscar Bonavena With Knock Out – December 7, 1970 (This Day In Boxing History)

Over 50 years ago, Muhammad Ali did what no man – specifically Joe Frazier – could.

Ali knocked out Oscar Bonavena halfway through the final round at Madison Square Garden. Along with the knockout, Ali also left evidence of the battering by chipping away at Bonavena’s face.

This was Ali’s biggest fight in over three years after being banned from boxing for his refusal to go to Vietnam.

The first nine rounds saw Bonavena and Ali throw punches at one another with each having their own moments.

From rounds 10 to 14, Ali went into defensive boxing.

Then came the final round, and both boxers realized a knockout would seal the victory. As Bonavena was revving up, Ali caught his opponent with a left hook and was knocked down. He got up, but was knocked down again.

“I have done what Joe Frazier couldn’t do–knocked out Oscar Bonavena. Now where is he? I want Joe Frazier,” Ali said.

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