Muhammad Ali’s Grandsons Clown Jake Paul’s Verbal Attack-‘Fight Someone Your Own Size’

Nico Ali Walsh and Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandsons of Muhammad Ali, have reacted after Jake Paul expressed his desire to hurt them.

Nico has made a name for himself, securing the WBC’s 2022 ‘Prospect of the Year’, whereas Biaggio is a budding amateur in MMA.

And after having had some time to digest his defeat to Tommy Fury, it appears that Paul is targeting the ‘Ali’ name.

In his comments on The W.A.D.E. Concept Youtube channel, Paul said: “Just erase them all. I’m down.”

Despite this being the case, both Walsh and Nico dismissed the idea. 

Their Response

“I have been asked that a few times. I would say that for me personally, right now, that’s not something I’d be interested in now.

“I want to make a career for myself, I want to continue my grandfather’s legacy in boxing and carve my own path as well,” Nico


“I have no problem with Jake Paul but he should fight someone his own size. I don’t know why he’s trying to fight people smaller than him.

“He fought at cruiserweight, 185lb, boxing. Fight at 185lb in MMA. He’s a lot bigger than me, I don’t know why he’s trying to fight someone smaller than him. Fight someone your own size, I don’t understand,” Biaggio

And this was precisely the sentiment being expressed on social media. 

Social Media Reaction

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