MVP Makes Strong Accusations Against Ref

Michael “Venom” Page’s fight with Richard Kiely at Bellator Dublin was a bizarre one, but Page managed to score a first-round knockout. In the fight’s aftermath, however, Page unleashed a verbal attack at the referee of the fight, Dan Miragliotta.

Page is claiming that Miragliotta shoved him and called him an expletive phrase following the controversial bout.

Page and Kiely weren’t friendly with one another, and each man taunted the other during the fight, which promoted a strong warning from Miragliotta. When Page showboated Kiely on the ground, Miragliotta elected to take a point away from Page.

That deduction wouldn’t affect the fight, however, as Page landed a knee that brought the fight to an end in the opening frame.

The win didn’t end Page’s anger towards Miragliotta though, and in a post-fight interview, he claimed Miragliotta referred to him as human waste. Page furthermore demanded Miragliotta never ref any of his fights again.

“I was disgusted,” Page said. “Not only did he give me…minus a point and put me in position, he pushed me at the end and called me a piece of [expletive]. Now, nobody should do that. That says to me that there’s something personal there. I don’t know what it is, but he should never be the referee for me, ever again.”

You can view Page’s full post-fight interview in the video above.

Original Story and Video via MMAJunkie

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