NAC Reportedly Withheld Igor Severino’s Purse After Bite

Igor Severino has not been paid his show money for his UFC debut against Andre Lima last Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Severino’s purse has reportedly been withheld by the Nevada Athletic Commission after the Brazilian became the first fighter in UFC history to be disqualified for biting an opponent. A person with knowledge of the situation reported this news to MMA Fighting, while also asking to remain anonymous due to not being authorized to publicly speak on the matter.

Severino likely faces a suspension and fine, which will be determined at a NAC meeting in April. His behavior has zero precedent in MMA, and it’s unclear what his potential punishment is. Boxing’s infamous “bite-fight” saw Mike Tyson repeatedly biting Evander Holyfield’s ear, tearing off part of it, in their 1997 rematch. Tyson had his boxing license revoked and was fined $3 million.

What is clear is Severino’s current UFC status. UFC CEO Dana White immediately cut Severino following the bite.

After the fight, White awarded Lima the first-ever UFC Bite of the Night $50,000 bonus. Lima took well to earning the odd win, even getting a tattoo of the bite.

Severino has not yet publicly addressed the incident.


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