NAC Will Allow Knocked Out Participants To Continue Slap-Fighting

UFC President Dana White is heading the Power Slap league.

The Nevada Athletic Commission has issued a detailed set of new rules named version 1.01 of the recently approved slap-fighting league headed by UFC President Dana White.

Slap-fighting has found a new home as the NAC unanimously agreed to regulate the league this past October. The rule book was provided last month with new finer details emerging later.

The league will be contested on weight class pattern in which fighters will only be allowed after fulfilling the medical requirements. The promotion was severely scrutinized by the commission and is now has been given the green signal to proceed further.

At a meeting earlier this month to approve the regulations, NAC Chairman Stephen Cloobeck asked UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell, “You will make sure no one dies?”

Dana White’s Power Slap league will have three- and five-round matches – with the striker getting 30 seconds to deliver “a permitted slap to the permitted target area compliant with the wind-up” before switching roles with the defender, who then gets 30 seconds to recover.

The combatants will be given break time in between the rounds before they mount on the stage to go again.

The fresh inducted rule will give the privilege to the person who gets stopped. It was not initially part of the regulations but was later incorporated into the set.

According to this, the competitors who, in the first round, were defenders “by virtue of a coin toss or other alternative method” and are knocked out, will be given a two-minute window to recover from the adversary and continue fighting.

“Once the referee declares the finish, a clock of two minutes begins,” the rule states.

“During this time, the Defender is given two minutes to recover, establish their fitness to continue as determined by the referee and cleared by the supervising physician and complete one Permitted Slap of their opponent. If the return strike results in a technical knockout or knockout of their opponent, the match is declared a Draw. If the return strike has any other result, then the Match result stands.”

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