Naoya Inoue, Nonito Donaire Going Into Rematch With ‘Puncher’s Glove’

Some drama spurred just a day ahead of their unification rematch.

Naoya Inoue’s team had called for Nonito Donaire to switch from his first selected pair of gloves to his second pair during the selection process for their fight on Tuesday in Saitama, Japan. But Donaire’s team then pointed out that none of Inoue’s gloves were sealed prior to the start of the selection process, which is a rules violation.

“Nonito’s gloves came in sealed and packed. Inoue’s team complained and wanted (the first pair) of gloves switched out to the number-two pair of gloves,” Donaire’s wife and manager Rachel said.

“We were fine, they are both Everlast and Nonito didn’t have a problem with it.

“Our contention was that none of the gloves that Inoue brought were sealed. That’s what we were arguing about for a bit, that they didn’t have any that were sealed. Then they magically appeared 30 seconds later, two sealed pairs of gloves whereas in the beginning none were sealed.”

According to commission rules, gloves are to be provided directly by the manufacturer, boxed and sealed.

The commission will then unwrap them during the selection process where both teams will choose and test out their gloves.

For their first meeting, Inoue and Donaire wore gloves made by Winning, which is a known Japanese brand made for comfort and protection to a fighter’s hands. They are not ideal for heavy-handed boxers.

Donaire said, this time, both of them are going in with gloves meant for punching. For June 7, Donaire will be using Everlast gloves.

“This time we are both coming in with punchers’ gloves,” Donaire said.

“I think he’s coming in with the Reyes, and I’m coming in with the same gloves that I’ve always used in my fights.”

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