Nate Diaz Accuses UFC Of Reaping Benefits Following NFT Launch

The relationship between Nate Diaz and the UFC premier Dana White is getting colder day by day as the former title contender was not pleased with the promotion’s recent endeavors concerning Diaz.

Diaz was destined to make his return to the octagon in late 2021 but due to unforeseen circumstances, the idea didn’t come to fruition. Every now and then, Diaz expressed his disappointment on social media platforms, highlighting a tense relationship between him and White.

But as of now, Diaz reportedly will be making the walk to the octagon for the last fight on his current contract in October later this year, but his opponent is yet to be named.

Despite not competing in the octagon, the Diaz brothers somehow find their way to remain in the limelight. The UFC’s fresh announcement of the release of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) featuring the Stockton bad boys wasn’t very welcomed by Diaz.

In a recent tweet, the younger Diaz sibling, Nate, blasted UFC, accusing the company to reap benefits using their names.

“It’s sh-t like this why I need to get the f–k out of the sorry a– UFC,” Diaz tweeted. “Didn’t you guys suspend nick for 5 years and fine me hella money for a vape pen?! Now you’re reaping the benefits. I hope nobody buys this bullsh-t.”

Diaz openly confessed his grudges with the UFC as he referred to the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s 2015 suspension of Nick Diaz after he tested positive for marijuana metabolites.

Nick was deferred from fighting for five years and was charged a fine of $165,000 which was later reduced to $100,000.

Nate was caught violating USADA rule when he was found vaping CBD at the UFC 202 post-fight press conference.

Nate has been demanding his release from the promotion.

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