Nate Diaz Backs Dana White On UFC Fighter Pay

Nate Diaz has supported Dana White over his approach to UFC fighter pay. 

The UFC recently settled two class-action lawsuits alleging the company broke anti-trust laws. TKO Group Holdings Inc. settled for $335 million after suggestions the UFC formed a monopoly to control what fighters make. While the settlement was reached, it still needs approval from the court.

The current perception is that boxers earn more than UFC fighters. There is an increasing trend of MMA fighters choosing to box such as Conor McGregor, Darren Till, Mike Perry, Jorge Masvidal and Diaz. However, Diaz felt UFC fighters were paid more each across the board, even if the elite boxers earned more than the top-level UFC fighter. 

“I don’t think people have the concept of what money is and how much. I think Dana White gets a f***ing bad rap. I’m not giving him a good one, but bro, he’s paying a lot more people a lot more money than f***ing people think. I just don’t think people know what’s what.

“I want more money, too. Give those motherf***ers some more money, give me more money too. But he’s paying a lot of people a lot of money, more than the boxing [fighters]. As far as combat sports say, boxing pays the highest-paid fighters a lot more than the UFC has. But the UFC, I think pays a lot more people a lot of money. He pays the whole roster a bunch of f***ing s***. People when they make this s*** happen, though, they should get their own s***,” Diaz said


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