Nate Diaz Makes Appearance On Stage At Zach Bryan Concert In LA

Nate Diaz was spotted earlier this week in Los Angeles at country artist Zach Bryan’s concert, and he even jumped on stage briefly.

Bryan is known for bringing celebrities in attendance up on stage near the end of his sets, but this certainly is the first time anyone has heard of him inviting a professional cage fighter up.

In the video posted to X, Diaz is seen walking on stage amongst the musicians, filming a video, and getting the crowd pumped up. The latter, is something Diaz is quite well known for.

Up next in the fight game for Diaz will be a boxing match with former UFC BMF title opponent Jorge Masvidal. In the pair’s first competitive meeting, in 2019, the action was stopped at the end of the third round (of 5), which left the fans wanting more.

Now, the fans will get what they asked for, only in a slightly modified form. Despite the rivalry between Masvidal and Diaz dating back almost five years, it seems the intensity and battle readiness of both is still burning.


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