Nate Diaz Released On Bail Following Alleged Arrest Warrant

Nate Diaz has been released on bail after turning himself in to the authorities following his arrest warrant for second-degree battery.

Reports indicated that The New Orleans Police Department took action after a video emerged depicting the UFC star using a chokehold on Rodney Petersen, a TikToker who resembles Logan Paul.

The chokehold caused Petersen to faint. Zach Rosenfield, who represents Diaz, made a statement that the UFC star’s situation was a case of self-defense.

With that being said, Diaz’s attorney, Walter Becker, has confirmed his client’s release.

“Bond has been granted and posted with the full permission from the court to resume travel which includes returning to Stockton today.

“We appreciate how we were treated by the New Orleans Police Department, the court and their staff,” Becker

The news is critical for Diaz, as it suggests that his upcoming fight with Jake Paul on August 6th, 2023, should go ahead. And that can only be a good thing moving forward. 

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