Nate Diaz Responds To Jake Paul’s Proposal For A PFL Fight

Nate Diaz has responded to Jake Paul’s willingness to face him in a PFL fight

In his last fight, Paul had a very close and spectacular battle with Tommy Fury, when he suffered a split-decision loss. After that battle, Paul moved on to face Diaz as they square off on August 5th, 2023. 

And going into the fight, Paul is considered the favorite. Diaz has never boxed before and has not had a fight since his win over Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 in September 2022. 

With that being said, Paul did receive some backlash for fighting non-professional boxers. Instead, his critics argued that he should face Diaz in a cage.

With that being said, Paul admitted that he had made an offer to make a PFL fight happen.

“For all the clowns saying why don’t you fight Nate Diaz in the cage. I made that offer to him from the start. $10M to fight me in PFL after we box on August 5th. Offer is still there Nathan. #PaulDiaz,” Diaz

In response, Diaz has dismissed the idea unless Paul is willing to put up more than the $10 million that was offered.

“We’ll see what happens, let’s get this fight out that way. It’s going to cost more than that,” Diaz

Ultimately, the outcome of a potential PFL fight depends on the result come August. However, given Paul’s deal with the PFL, there is every chance that it could happen. Time will tell.

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