Nate Diaz Responds To Logan Paul’s Disrespect Towards Tommy Fury

Over the weekend, Jake Paul squared off with Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia, and mid-match, Logan Paul had some choice words for Tommy and the Fury clan.

During the bout, which Fury went on to win by split decision, Radio Rahim handed Logan a mic to get his thoughts on the fight so far. His comments were less than respectful, likely because he saw that his brother was losing the fight, so he responded to this in the only way he knew how.

Prior to the fight, Logan went on the record saying that he was “beyond supremely confident” that his brother would walk away victorious. Clearly these are words that he needed to eat following the fight, as Fury nullified Jake Paul’s offense for a large portion of the match.

Not only did Jake not knock his opponent out, as the brothers predicted, he went on to lose on two judges scorecards by considerable margins.

Further confidence in his brother’s boxing ability was made evident by a tweet in which he claimed that he would wager his equity in his newly founded sports drink company:

The Disrespectful comments towards the Fury family during the fight caught the attention of MMA legend Nate Diaz (21-13), who was not impressed that Logan was even given the microphone.

Diaz, who is now free from the UFC and able to fight where he pleases, has been called out by Jake Paul on numerous occasions for a potential matchup, so there is no surprise that he is also not a fan of Jake’s brother.

While Diaz has teased making the jump to boxing, and both Paul brothers have teased making the leap to MMA, it is unclear if either sets of friction with lead anywhere. One thing is certain, though, Nate Diaz hates the Paul brothers.

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