Nate Diaz Seeks New Years Eve Plans with Jake Paul

Jake Paul defeated Nate Diaz via unanimous decision on August 5, 2023. In what was yet another crossover bout for the social media star, Paul vs Diaz engaged in a bout that earned respect for Paul from the Diaz corner and the Stockton-native is now interested in continuing their rivalry.

In the lead-up to the fight, Paul suggested that Diaz meet him in an MMA fight following their boxing match, an offer that Diaz shrugged off at the time. Just eight months earlier, Jake Paul signed with the PFL, which brought validity to the proposition.

Paul recently stirred the pot by accusing Diaz of “ducking him” in a potential MMA contest by claiming he has “too much to lose.”

Diaz responded in an expletive-filled social media rant claiming that he never asked for anything from Jake, and that they can fight “tomorrow,” even if he does not fight for the PFL. He continued by stating that Paul needs time to train, asserting that they are not at the same level as fighter. He then concluded that rant with a specific callout, which enabled much engagement on social media.

“New Year’s Eve is good.” Diaz

Paul improved to (7-1, 4 KO) with his win over Diaz and recovered from a split decision loss to rival Tommy Fury. The Paul vs Diaz fight sold around 500,000 PPV buys, which could lead the two to follow through on their fight plans to step into the cage.

Additional Quotes:

In the same interview, Jake Paul also shared his desire to fight traditional boxers with the goal of moving up the rankings. His end goal is earn a title shot.

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