Nate Diaz Volunteers To Get Fired Over Khabib

In one of the weirder weeks in a weird year in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, Nate Diaz has decided to push all-in on the insanity.

Early on Thursday, Khabib Nurmagomedov threatened to quit the UFC if they fired his teammate Zubaira Tukhugov for his role in the UFC 229 brawl, which saw Tukhugov act as one of three attackers who came at McGregor following the fight.

Diaz, who pulled out of UFC 230 after his opponent Dustin Poirier suffered an undisclosed injury, wanted to wait until Khabib was set to return to the Octagon. Now, it seems that Diaz would rather sacrifice his job with the UFC to let Khabib and Tukhugov stay on with the brand.

Whether or not Diaz is trolling or is looking to get out of his contract is unknown, but it will be interesting to see what breaks next in the aftermath of UFC 229.

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