Nate Diaz’s Viral Chokehold Has People Talking – ‘Fake, Staged’

A video of Nate Diaz appearing to show him applying a chokehold on someone has gotten many people talking.

Diaz was present at a Misfits Boxing 6 event after which he was involved in a street altercation in New Orleans.

He had been there to support Chris Avila, who overcame Paul Bamba via a unanimous decision. Thereafter, Diaz lost his cool.

When a man who reassembled Jake Paul’s brother, Logan Paul, approached him, the UFC star got him in a chokehold, followed by a knee, as he dropped him unconscious.

The man in question turned out to be none other than TikToker and Logan look-alike Rodney Petersen.

This had the impact of promoting Diaz’s upcoming boxing bout with Jake Paul on August 6th, 2023, from Dallas. With that being said, there was a widespread reaction.

Dana White and Adin Ross had seen the footage, and the former reacted in shock at the fact that Diaz could get sued.

“That guy’s head bounced like a fu****g basketball. Probably going to sue him like a mother****er,” Dana White

Conor McGregor was amused by the incident, as he could not help but play along.

In response, Jake recreated Diaz’s chokehold on Logan with a snorkel. 

And to top it all off, the social media response suggested that it was staged in order to promote the fight.

Social Media Reaction

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