Negotiations And Requests: An Update On Francis Ngannou’s Future With The UFC

Francis Ngannou has been a stand-out fighter, especially since donning the UFC heavyweight title in March.

But Ngannou’s management and the UFC remain at a standstill. His manager Marquel Martin outlined what his champion would like to be reconciled.

“I think for starters, Francis would love to have more activity,” Martin said on “Throwing Down” with Renee Maquette and Miesha Tate.

“When have you really seen Francis have more than two fights in the last however many years in one year? He’s not as active as other heavyweights. Why? Because of me? Because of him? That’s a lie.”

The issues stemmed from the organization’s decision to implement an interim heavyweight matchup, which Ciryl Gane and Derrick Lewis took part in. Gane came out the winner and earned a title shot.

Ngannou has expressed his frustration for the UFC’s decision to set this up. The Cameroonian champion was to defend against Lewis, was unable to make it to the United States due to travel complications in Africa.

The manager argued that after losing to Miocic in 2018, his client has never been pushed favorably by the UFC, which is the second issue that must be remedied before Ngannou resigns.

“Again, Francis, their heavyweight champion, the guy who’s been saying yes to all the fights, hasn’t declined fights, hasn’t anything, first UFC heavyweight champion from Africa to ever happen, and then interim champion,” he added.

“So I know Francis was very heartbroken over that because it’s like, ‘Hey, what else do you guys want me to do?’ If you guys look back at Francis’ track record, after he lost to Stipe, tell me when you really feel that Francis has been really promoted in a positive light.”

UFC President Dana White and Ngannou’s management have gotten into disputes. White also previously revealed that if Ngannou loses to Gane, he may be a free agent. But if he wins, he may have another fight.

On Wednesday, on Teddy Atlas’ “The Fight,” White said he ran into Ngannou during dinner and had a “good talk.”

“Francis and I bumped into each other the other night at dinner. We had a good talk. And he’s not out of contract if he wins that fight (vs. Gane),” White said.

“I think he’s got one more fight with us after that… I think that Francis and I had a good conversation.”

Fans will see Ngannou’s future after he meets Gane in the octagon on January 22 in California.

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