New Paulo Costa Photo Indicates Possible Staph Infection

Paulo Costa is scheduled to fight in the co-main event this weekend at UFC 302, but a recent photo has raised concerns in regard to the fighter’s health.

Costa will square off with former middleweight champion Sean Strickland this Saturday in Newark, New Jersey. With the pace of both competitors in mind, and the fact that this bout is scheduled for 5 rounds, there is no question to why this contest has been highly anticipated since its announcement.

Earlier this week, a UFC fight week promotional photo of Costa was released, and many took note of a small wound on his foot, the characteristics of which align with a common staph infection.

While of course this is just speculation, and the wound on Costa’s foot could stem from an issue unrelated to staph, this is still a concern in the eyes of many. Not only does this bring into question if the match could ultimately be at risk of being cancelled, but many are also wondering if “The Eraser” is in proper fighting condition.

Many UFC competitors have blatantly fought with staph infection, and even the ones that were on the tail end of being fully recovered from it still felt they were not nearly at full strength due to the antibiotics required to remedy the bacterial disruption.

Due to the nature of the information at hand, we could very well be looking at a shift in betting lines between Costa and Strickland.

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