Ngannou Inspired By Dana White’s Comments

Francis Ngannou has taken a swipe at UFC President Dana White.

Nagannou and White are not on the best of terms ever since the former UFC heavyweight champion left the organization.

Ngannou had reportedly been offered nearly $8 million to fight Jon Jones, which he rejected on the grounds that the contract was not favorable to him.

Since then, Ngannou has inked a deal with the PFL, which gave him the option to box in 2023.

In response, White mocked Ngannou for trying to secure a ‘gimmick’ fight like Conor McGregor had done with Floyd Mayweather.

Thereafter, Ngannou set up ‘GIMIK Fight Promotions’ as he fired back, which has now gone full circle with the former UFC star’s upcoming fight against Tyson Fury going ahead on October 28th, 2023.

With that being said, Ngannou even offered to work with White in light of suggestions he was looking to put on a bout between Fury and Jon Jones.

“I don’t worry about that, at the end of the day…it was all about ‘gimmick fight’. Which is the same thing he was trying to do, a gimmick fight. Next time that he has a gimmick fight, he should send it over to me.

“It’s a real thing. It’s a real thing already, it’s on…I’ll put on an event, for sure. Gimmick fight,” Ngannou 

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