Ngannou Reveals Frustration Following Fury’s Illegal Tactics In The Fight

Francis Ngannou was left frustrated with Tyson Fury’s tactics during their boxing bout, given that he would go on to lose a controversial split decision.

Prior to the fight happening, Conor McGregor had suggested that the former UFC fighter kick Fury. And since the latter had used an illegal elbow in the fight that went unpunished, Ngannou was left to rue a missed opportunity. However, in reality, that would never have happened. Ngannou would have been disqualified and undone the good showing he had put on. Meanwhile, the prospects of the MMA fighter securing further bigger fights would have diminished. But given that the performance was not enough to get Ngannou the win, the fighter was frustrated as he recalled McGregor’s unsavory tactics.

“He was right, I should’ve kick(ed) his f****** legs, I can’t believe that he elbowed me,” Ngannou

Ngannou’s actions would have most likely resulted in a disqualification. That is precisely how things played out when Dillon Danis attempted two MMA moves on Logan Paul during their boxing bout on October 14th, 2023. A takedown and guillotine choke may have failed, but it was enough to stop the fight. As a result, the referee called off the fight and Danis was disqualified as a brawl ensued with entourages from both sides rushing into the ring.

Much in the same way, Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition with John Gotti III got out of hand after the latter started to swing at Mayweather after the bell had gone in a subsequent brawl. And who could forget the aftermath of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s win over McGregor? The Russian lost his cool and climbed over the octagon to hit out at McGregor’s team. And there was a real risk that something similar could have happened if Ngannou had acted on his instinct.



Nevertheless, the demand to see such a thing could lead to an MMA fight moving forward between the two if the offer was big enough. Fury had suggested previously that he would stop Ngannou in the octagon, but fell short of agreeing to face him. But given the bad blood that has emerged in the aftermath, there may be enough of a narrative to make it happen.

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