Ngannou Sends Dana White A Message Following His Boxing Debut – ‘Personally I Feel Great’

Francis Ngannou laughed off what Dana White may have thought following his fight with Tyson Fury, given the mass praise that the former UFC heavyweight champion received on his boxing debut.

As of now, White has remained silent over how the former UFC fighter had done. But ultimately, Ngannou lasted the distance and troubled the WBC heavyweight champion, flooring him in the process via a left hook in the third round, in an impressive performance.

Despite not getting the win on the scorecards, as Fury walked away with a split-decision win, the MMA fighter’s stock rose significantly. As a result, fights with Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua have been mentioned. In addition, a rematch with Fury may also occur down the line, given Frank Warren’s desire to work with Ngannou moving forward.

But for all the praise that Ngannou was getting, he did leave the UFC on a bad note. Contract talks broke down with reports that Ngannou turned down an $8 million offer. The fighter, however, revealed that the terms were not suitable since it would have restricted his freedom moving forward. Thereafter, White infamously claimed that Ngannou would never return to the UFC again. Therefore, the ex-UFC fighter was not too troubled by what White may say moving forward.

“Who cares, Dana White feels what Dana White feels. I feel what I feel (and) personally I feel great. You have to send him an invite so you can ask him, I’d like to know, too… You have to understand Dana has power over a lot of fighters.

“A lot of them are just there to please the boss, a lot of them don’t have their own personality, their own identity so they just want to fit in on something and you can’t blame them. It takes a lost, it costs a lot to stand up and say what you think. Some people don’t just have it, and some people make themselves a puppet. It’s okay, but I can’t be anybody’s puppet. I’m too big for that. I’m too proud for that,” Ngannou

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