Ngannou Starts GIMIK Fight Promotions In Direct Jab At Dana White

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has set up his GIMIK promotions in a direct jab at Dana White.

Following Ngannou’s departure from the UFC, White vowed never to work with the fighter again. He hit out at Ngannou for chasing ‘gimmick fights’ after suggestions that he wanted any UFC deal to include an option to box. Despite being offered a reported $8 million, Ngannou went elsewhere as he signed a lucrative contract with the PFL.

He had a chance to box, which he took up when he faced Tyson Fury to receive the highest payday of his career. The decision paid off as Ngannou’s stock rose massively as he was linked with fights against Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. Now he has dismissed White altogether by expressing his new-found independence, which his UFC contract failed to offer.

“I don’t need a promoter. I don’t need a promoter. GIMIK fight promotion. I can go promote with whoever has a fighter and wants to put on a fight. I don’t need a promotion,” Ngannou said

Nate Diaz showed his willingness to fight outside the UFC in his boxing fight with Jake Paul. With PFL chairman Donn Davis willing to offer Diaz up to $15 million to fight Paul in the PFL under MMA rules, Ngannou may become the pioneer for MMA fighters taking control of their careers.

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