Nick Diaz Cleared Of Assault Charges

On Thursday, Nick Diaz had been cleared of the domestic violence charges facing him in a Las Vegas courtroom.

Per MMA Fighting, the Clark County District Attorney’s office declined to continue the case against Diaz on Thursday, and the judge would dismiss the case with prejudice which dismisses it permanently.

The Stockton, California native faced three felony charges, including two counts of domestic battery by strangulation and one for domestic battery with substantial bodily harm.

A grand jury ruled not to indict Diaz on any of the charge in July, but the DA decided to move forward until Thursday’s hearing.

Last month, a grand jury ruled not to indict Diaz on any of the charges, but the DA decided to move forward with the case until now.

“We are grateful that the District Attorney’s office was fair and thoughtful in reviewing this case based on the evidence and making the decision to dismiss this matter particularly considering the Grand Jury’s decision finding probable cause was lacking,” Goodman said in a statement.

Diaz was accused by a former girlfriend of grabbing her head and slamming her to the ground and choking her during an argument in May. The alleged victim admitted to throwing a glass at Diaz’s head in the alleged physical altercation. and was injured when she fell into the corner of an outdoor pool during a scuffle with the fighter but would later say he was going to throw her into the pool, hung onto Diaz and ended up falling into the corner.


Goodman said in a statement that the charges being dropped provides “vindication” in this matter for Diaz.

“Throughout this ordeal [the alleged victim] has given multiple inconsistent versions of what occurred and recently testified before the Grand Jury to a third version,” Goodman said in a statement.

“Further, the medical records made clear that [the alleged victim] did not suffer any fractures, subluxation of dislocation, soft tissue damage or any substantial bodily injuries expected from such allegations. The videos she posted prior to this incident clearly shows someone who is motivated by revenge because Nick was seeing other women. Truth delayed is better than no truth at all and I trust that the ultimate dismissal of all charges with prejudice will be viewed as total vindication for Nick and clears his name from being associated with such horrific but false allegations.”

Report: MMA Fighting

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