Nick Diaz Signs New Deal

Recently, on his Instagram story, Diaz said he would've been a UFC champion if he wasn't "f--d" over.

Nick Diaz is trying something new.

The two-time contender for the UFC championship will make his acting debut in a future Jean-Claude Van Damme film.

“Get ready for a new, gritty and dark crime story set in LA starring @jcvd and features @nickdiaz209 who killed it,” Staudt wrote.

“Nick also has a badass fight scene in the film 👊 When it got to rehearsing the fight he took over and of course had better ideas than the film’s stunt coordinator which is what ended up being filmed and looked awesome.” – The message appeared next to a picture of Diaz on set, maybe filming a scene.

The 39-year-old will appear in the neo-noir film Darkness of Man, which stars legendary actor Jean-Claude Van Damme as an Interpol agent tasked with defending the kid of a slain informant from ruthless gangs.

Matt Staudt, who, together with Nick and Nate Diaz, co-founded Game Up Nutrition, disclosed Diaz’s role in the film in an Instagram post. In describing part of Diaz’s character, Staudt said that the actor was suitably highlighted in a “badass combat sequence” that he assisted in choreographing.

Diaz had worked with Van Damme before, even before his career in movies began. The Belgian actor has a strong interest in martial arts, and the two have previously been spotted working out together.

Van Damme competed in kickboxing and amassed an 18-1 record before becoming famous for his work in movies. Both the 1979 Belgium Karate Lightweight Championships and the 1980 Belgium Karate Team European Championships saw “JCBD” win gold.

Van Damme’s movies, many of which contain combat action, undoubtedly reflected his devotion. Even two of them, according to Diaz, inspired him to seek a career in the ring.

“Bloodsport, yeah, and Kickboxer got me into fighting,” Diaz said in an interview with Dr. Beau Hightower.

Before competing for the gold inside the octagon, Diaz won titles under the banners of Strikeforce, WEC and IFC. The Stockton native lost his first fight since 2015 against Robbie Lawler in 2021, but now he seems to be preparing for another return.


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