Nick, Nate Diaz Plans To Leave UFC To Launch Own MMA And Boxing Promotion

The Nick Diaz Academy – that’s something the world might be seeing.

Back in early July, Nate Diaz’s training partner, Chris Avila, said that Nate is looking to promote his own shows across MMA and boxing, headlining himself. As for Nick, the trainer said he was getting his own fighting show.

“He has one more fight I’m sure lined up on his contract and then he’s going to be doing a lot of his own stuff after. I know he’s got a lot of new plans.,” Avila told SunSport.

“He’s going to get the whole Nick Diaz Academy on his own fight show, we need to show everybody that we’re the s***,” he added.

Nate previously lost to Leon Edward via unanimous decision back in June. Nick, however, has an upcoming fight on September 25 against Robbie Lawler. It’s unclear if there’s any changes in that.

But Nate said he was set to launch the promotion after his UFC contract expires, which is after his next fight, which hasn’t been scheduled yet.

Jorge Masvidal, who beat Nate in 2019, recently set up his own bare-knuckle boxing promotion called Gamebred Fighting Championship. But he didn’t fight in his own show because it was prohibited per his UFC contract.

Only Conor McGregor was allowed to step outside the octagon for his money-making boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather in 2017.

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