Nico Ali Walsh Fights Through Dislocated Shoulder, Declined Jake Paul Offer

Nico Ali Walsh, overcame a dislocated shoulder to beat Sona Akale via a unanimous decision. 

Ali was boxing on the undercard of Teofimo Lopez vs. Steve Claggett. Ali was performing well, only to suffer serious adversity towards the latter end of the fight. He dislocated his shoulder and even jumped up in the ring to snap it back into place.

Despite those concerns, he came through with a unanimous decision win. His record now stands at 10-1, as he called out Teofimo Lopez. The call-out and performance showed his dedication to the sport. Ali disclosed that he turned down a Jake Paul fight to continue facing higher-quality opponents. Paul hit back by stating Ali was ducking him.

“Before this fight I denied a multi-million dollar contract from MVP Promotions to fight Jake Paul and I’m fighting a real fighter tonight. So, I’m not part of that circus league of boxing. This is the real league of boxing. This is what I’m going to do. I just want everyone to know that I chose the path of boxing. I chose the path of legacy. If I wanted to I could be a millionaire right now,” Ali said


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