Nonito Donaire Optimistic To Defeat Naoya Inoue in June 7 Rematch

Nonito Donaire wants to settle the score with Naoya Inoue in their June 7 rematch.

Donaire and Inoue were involved in a ferocious battle back in 2019, with the Japanese fighter sealing the victory at the end of thrilling 12-rounds. Donaire with his slick movement was able to keep the fight interesting for the moment, but Inoue’s counterpunching and power proved too much for the already Filipino legend.

Since losing out to Inoue, Donaire went on to win the WBC bantamweight title in 2021 making the rematch with Inoue inevitable. The rematch will be a three-belt unification at 118 lbs, with the winner taking all in Saitama, Japan – the home of Inoue.

Speaking to Fight HUB TV, the 39-year-old gave an insight of pre-fight camp and his mental status heading to the fight.

“That was a hell of a fight with Inoue and one thing I do know when I got out of that ring, I felt that I could beat him. So I put myself in this position where I won the WBC (title) and trained really hard and had a lot of focus, and that’s pretty much what I have in my mind, is beating this guy,” Donaire said.

“The fight is June 7th in Japan, in Saitama. They’re calling it ‘Drama in Saitama 2’ — the same place, the same location, but different results. My talent, my speed, my power, and most of all just the strategy that I’m putting in is going to be the biggest asset in winning this fight.”

Donaire also shared his thought on Canelo Alvarez-Dmitry Bivol fight – clashing on the same night but different venue.

Donaire believes that Bivol is no walk in the park and can put a dent in the lustrous career of Canelo.

“I think Bivol is the taller guy, he’s definitely the taller guy, but using that reach, like — you have those type of fighters in the amateurs, they know how to use the distance, and if he does use that jab properly and uses distance properly, it’s gonna be a hell of a night for Canelo,” he said.

“But Canelo, when he gets in there with head movement, that’s when he can use his power and I think it’s gonna be an amazing fight.”

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